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How To Close High Margin Building Contracts

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Professional Builders Secrets

Free online training covering the 3-step process for builders to attract more quality leads and then convert them into high-margin contracts while avoiding competing against other builders on price.

During This Exclusive Free Training, You'll Discover...

The most profitable business model for residential home builders to use.

The marketing strategy that attracts the best clients to you.

Where to advertise and the channels you must avoid at all costs!

How to identify the best prospects in less than 3 minutes.

The proven sales process for residential home builders that allows you to get paid while quoting projects.

The secret tool APB Members are using to get booked out 12-18 months in advance.

Why you should NEVER scale a building company without doing this one thing first.

The reason why your accounts make no sense at the end of the month. One month is high profit, and the next month is no profit. How do you fix that?

The 10 KPIs every builder must monitor every month and what those numbers tell you.

And so much more! 

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Industry insights in operations, marketing, sales and financials from more than 1,800 surveyed builders across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Industry benchmarks that illustrate what is driving success in residential building companies.

International building and construction forecasts for the year ahead. 

Detailed insider information from owners, directors, presidents and senior managers covering marketing, sales, operations and the financials of their respective companies

And much, MUCH more!